PlugShare App To Find Places To Charge Your Electric Car

Driving an electric car is like going through life with permanent food poisoning. It takes lots of planning to make sure you're not crapping your pants because you're stranded somewhere and can't get home. The PlugShare app lets you find outlets, EV plugs and charging stations so you're always prepared. Think of it as… » 3/07/11 4:52pm 3/07/11 4:52pm

Aptera Electric Three Wheeler Available for Pre-Order

We heard rumblings of the electric three-wheeled Aptera over a year ago but now the company has opened up an annoying and overwrought website soliciting "reservations," meaning you can plunk down $500 and get the right to buy either the all-electric or plug-in diesel hybrid model. The good news is, there's a working… » 9/27/07 3:51pm 9/27/07 3:51pm