A Knockoff, Made-in-China Phone Electrocuted and Killed a Man

In a horrifically sad story, Dhanji Damor, a 25-year-old man in India, was electrocuted when he used a "shanzai cell phone" while it was charging. Shanzai means it's a knockoff, an imitation, a fake made in China. » 6/16/11 12:32pm 6/16/11 12:32pm

Watch Moby Get Jolted with Electric Shock on Stage

I always imagined being jolted with electric shock would mean a big spectacle filled with lassos of hair rising lightning bolts. In reality, it probably looks like what happened to Moby: slow realization, confusion and then...collapse. » 6/07/11 4:40pm 6/07/11 4:40pm

Dell's Aluminum Laptops Causing Electric Shocks?

The folks at CNET were surprised to discover that using some Dell laptops can result in electric shocks that "vary in strength from a gentle tingle to a sudden jolt." They also noticed that the shocks occur when connecting peripherals to the laptops. It appears that the offending devices have been isolated to versions… » 1/17/08 9:00pm 1/17/08 9:00pm