Animated Tron-Like Paint Jobs Are the Perfect Aftermarket Upgrade

Last year a company called Darkside Scientific wowed us with an electroluminescent paint known as LumiLor that was completely invisible under lights, but glowed with a bright intensity in the dark. And now the company has revealed an even cooler application of LumiLor: Giving a Tesla S \ an animated, glowing paint job. »9/11/14 5:33pm9/11/14 5:33pm

I Want To Cover Every Single Wall In This Electroluminescent Paint (Updated)

Taking those electroluminescent wires to a whole new level, a company called Darkside Scientific has created a sprayable paint called LumiLor that casts a uniform fluorescent glow whenever a current is applied. So it can be used to cover irregularly shaped objects with ease, and as Boing Boing points out, it has the… »3/21/13 4:30pm3/21/13 4:30pm

!Tude Electroluminescent Headphones Light Up The Night Sky, My Life

Hong Kong-based Helpdezk wants your headphones to look as cool as you do, which might explain their !Tude headphones. (They could also just want your money, though.) The headphones are electroluminescent, that is, they light up in one of several colors in response to music being played. The two AA batteries should… »11/15/06 8:21am11/15/06 8:21am