DIY Blow-Outable LED Birthday Candles Perfect for Uber-Geeky Kids

Kids nowadays are so showered with electronic goodies that I suspect a traditionally-lit birthday cake just wouldn't cut the mustard for some of them. Luckily, over at Instructables they've got a recipe for DIY electronic "candles" that actually lets you blow them out. Its flickering LEDs are accompanied by a… » 7/16/08 6:24am 7/16/08 6:24am

Hono Electrical Candle

You're going to need a lot of Marvin Gaye music to make this Hono Electrical Candle look sexy, but maybe in a really dark room it may have some odd appeal. Touch the candle with the included "magic match," and it lights up, then when you're done, blow it out just like a real candle. The rechargeable candle includes a… » 5/30/06 3:31pm 5/30/06 3:31pm