Fifty-One Trio E-Cigarette Lightning Review: All Smoke, No Substance

I love smoking cigarettes—the smell, the ritual of lighting, the first morning draw, all of it. So, would I replace my beloved nic-sticks with a Fifty-One Trio E-Cigarette if given the chance? Short answer: nope. // TODO: this should be moved to a Backbone View // google adsense core decorated » 8/10/11 4:00pm 8/10/11 4:00pm

$200 Electronic Cigarette Helps Kick the Habit

China's Golden Dragon Group has introduced the first ever electronic cigarette. This "electronic cigarette" is really just a battery-powered nicotine inhaler that looks like a cancer stick. The device even emits vapors to give you that smoker look. The e-cigarette is already available in China, Israel, Turkey and some… » 5/09/07 3:30pm 5/09/07 3:30pm