FAA Advisory Panel Says We Should Be Allowed to Use Electronic Devices

As expected, the FAA advisory committee has recommended that airline passengers should be "allowed to use smartphones, tablets, e-readers and other personal electronic devices during takeoffs and landings". That means, yes, we can finally use our damn (innocent) electronic devices while on an airplane without looking… »9/26/13 10:26pm9/26/13 10:26pm


The FAA Is Seriously Thinking About Letting You Use Electronic Devices During Takeoff

After announcing it would take a 'fresh look' at the ban of using electronic devices during takeoff and landing, the FAA has just announced that it'll be forming a new committee to study, analyze and reconsider the issue. That means there's a very good possibility that we'll be able to use our electronic devices… »8/27/12 5:24pm8/27/12 5:24pm