FAA Advisory Panel Says We Should Be Allowed to Use Electronic Devices

As expected, the FAA advisory committee has recommended that airline passengers should be "allowed to use smartphones, tablets, e-readers and other personal electronic devices during takeoffs and landings". That means, yes, we can finally use our damn (innocent) electronic devices while on an airplane without looking… » 9/26/13 10:26pm 9/26/13 10:26pm

The Most Dangerous Part of Using Electronics on a Plane Is the FAA's…

The use of electronics in flight is a contentious subject. Well, contentious in that the FAA doesn't want you to do it whereas pretty much everyone else thinks it's probably OK. There is a danger though, according to the New York Times, and it's the FAA's rules. » 12/30/12 4:00pm 12/30/12 4:00pm

FCC to FAA: C'mon, Let People Use Electronic Devices During Takeoff

The FAA has been mulling the idea of allowing the use of electronic devices during takeoff for a little while now. The FCC, however, is getting impatient—and its chairman is now urging the FAA to get a move on. » 12/07/12 5:14am 12/07/12 5:14am

The FAA Is Seriously Thinking About Letting You Use Electronic Devices…

After announcing it would take a 'fresh look' at the ban of using electronic devices during takeoff and landing, the FAA has just announced that it'll be forming a new committee to study, analyze and reconsider the issue. That means there's a very good possibility that we'll be able to use our electronic devices… » 8/27/12 5:24pm 8/27/12 5:24pm

Congress Will Allow the Use of Electronic Devices in the House

Republicans plan to lift the ban on the use of electronic gadgets like the iPad, iPhone and BlackBerry on the House floor. Now our lawmakers can check their Facebook and update their Twitter during those filibustering times. » 12/25/10 4:00pm 12/25/10 4:00pm