Electronic Newspapers Get Closer: Plastic Logic E-Newspaper To Be Unveiled

Forget namby-pamby flickering e-ink displays » 9/08/08 7:31am 9/08/08 7:31am: if Plastic Logic's upcoming electronic paper tech is any good it might actually be the way of the future for newspapers. Due to be unveiled today, Plastic Logic's unnamed device is the size of a sheet of copier paper, about two and half times the screen real-estate of…

Steam Powered Electronic Newspaper Makes Us Ask If This is Really Necessary

Does the world really need another steam powered anything? And if it does, would an electronic newspaper be the most appropriate thing to be steam powered? We don't have any answers for these questions. All we know is that this Japanese setup can turn a page in all of 15 seconds, making it a whole two seconds faster… » 4/30/08 1:00pm 4/30/08 1:00pm