Martin Logan ElectroMotion ESL: Insane Audiophile-Worthy Electrostatic Speakers for Under $2000

"Affordable" for futuretastic electrostatic speakers means a few grand. Martin Logan's ElectroMotion ESL electrostratic speakers'll be under $2000 when they're out in March, using the cheapest full-size electrostatic transducer ever. They sounded superclean during a five-minute demo. [Martin Logan] »9/23/10 2:59pm9/23/10 2:59pm


Case-Mate's Naked Case for iPhone Claims Touch-Through Fingering

Case-Mate claims to be the world's first touch-through case for the iPhone or iPod Touch, but that honor seems to be taken by the Ivyskin Xylo T2 Reflect Chrome case we saw last week. Even though Case-Mate's edition is just slightly late, their Naked Case looks slightly thinner than the Ivyskin's, even though both of… »4/16/08 4:30pm4/16/08 4:30pm

MartinLogan Spire Speakers— $8,500 of Electrostatic Sound

These new electrostatic speakers from MartinLogan have some fancy-sounding tech built in, and are hand built too. There's the ultra-rigid "AirFrame™" Curvilinear Line Source XStat audio transducer, and a selectable 35Hz equalization option— to better suit your room acoustics. The cabinets come in a variety of woods… »4/04/08 5:57am4/04/08 5:57am