Eleksen's Double-sided Keyboard Gives Your UMPC Media Controls

The same guys that brought us the UMPC pouch/keyboard are now bringing us a double-sided keyboard that includes your standard QWERTY keys on one side and a full deck of media controls on the other. The cloth has sensors built in so that when you're typing on one side, it doesn't activate the buttons on the other. I… »2/23/07 9:59am2/23/07 9:59am

Is That a Keyboard in Your Pocket, or Are You Just Glad to See Me?

Until we can have screens that roll up and fit into our pockets, this smart fabric portable keyboard will have to do. Developed by Brit company Eleksen Ltd., it's a 2.4-ounce Bluetooth keyboard made out of a special touch-sensitive cloth material that s water repellent—not that you would really be wanting to use it… »1/18/06 6:45pm1/18/06 6:45pm