The Hardest Thing to Find in the Universe Is Even Rarer Than You Think

Staring at the periodic table of elements was pretty much all I did in science classes but I learned absolutely nothing from it other than Bromine and Barium (but that's more because of a Google search on Breaking Bad). Anyways! Elements on that periodic table aren't all created equal. Especially Astatine (At).… » 7/12/13 10:00pm 7/12/13 10:00pm

Camera Carnage Caused By Jilted Girlfriend

Here's tip for all you male camera buffs out there "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" applies to camera equipment as well as cars, motorcycles and electronics. » 6/09/11 12:03am 6/09/11 12:03am

Element "Ununseptium" To Fill Periodic Table Gap

Welcome, ununseptium. With 117 protons, it is the latest super-heavy element, a discovery that fills a gap in the current periodic table of elements, and bolsters the idea that we may yet find an "island of stability" among heavyweight atoms » 4/07/10 11:15am 4/07/10 11:15am

The Most Magnetic Material Yet

Iron cobalt was the most magnetic material on Earth until physicists created what's in this man's hands. It's an iron and nitrogen compound which is 18 percent more magnetic and potentially disproves theories about how magnetic a material can be. » 4/06/10 6:20pm 4/06/10 6:20pm

Vestalife Ladybug iPod/iPhone Dock Makes Entomologists Drool (Video)

At first glance, the Vestalife Ladybug iPod dock didn't look much like an insect at all, but when its "wings" flapped open we totally got it. The Ladybug is an attractive system compatible with the iPhone as well as older iPod models. It operates on batteries or AC, but only charges your iPod when it's plugged in the… » 11/14/07 10:51am 11/14/07 10:51am