Guy waves his hand to stop the attack of a charging elephant

Elephants are really dangerous animals. It is good advice to stay as far as possible from them because of their seemingly random charges. Unless you are this guy and you can calm the animal down thanks to your magic hand waving (and balls of steel.) I can imagine him saying "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" »6/13/14 10:08pm6/13/14 10:08pm


Origami Master Makes a Life-Size Elephant From a Single Sheet of Paper

Origami artist Sipho Mabona just pulled off an incredible feat of paper folding, turning a single 50 foot by 50 foot sheet of paper into a life-size paper elephant standing more than 10 feet tall. It was no doubt a painstaking process, but watching the artist and his team in process is strangely soothing. »3/11/14 4:20pm3/11/14 4:20pm

Text Messaging Is Saving Kenyan Elephants From Themselves

Elephants are text messaging themselves out of trouble, thanks to an SMS system implemented in a Kenyan nature reserve. The gentle-ish giants are outfitted with SIM cards in their collars, which automatically alert wildlife rangers if they get too close to nearby farms. Rangers can then shoo them away before they do… »10/14/08 10:05pm10/14/08 10:05pm