Conquest Credit Card Perfume Makes Eliot Spitzer Happy

A perfume called Conquest which comes in a credit card made of steel, capable of storing 20 milliliters of musk-loaded liquid? Atomize it away, Mr. Spitzer, because this seems like the perfect addition to the wallets of punters, NY state ex-governors or anyone with perfume-to-go needs. Whoever you are. [Tuvie] » 4/17/08 9:12am 4/17/08 9:12am

If You are Going to Call Hookers, Go Pre-Paid: How to Avoid Eliot Spitzer's Fate

With the news about Elliot Spitzer's demise plastered everywhere you look, the folks at Complex brought up an interesting point—when you are a public figure, pre-paid cellphones are the way to go when calling hookers. Even drug dealers know that it is the way to go when you don't want to leave evidence behind—so how… » 3/13/08 6:45pm 3/13/08 6:45pm