Dealzmodo: Free $60 Gift Card With Xbox 360 Elite at Amazon

Following Microsoft's solid price cuts »9/08/08 12:30pm9/08/08 12:30pm on the Xbox 360, this is a sweetass deal: At Amazon, if you buy an Xbox 360 Elite, you'll get a free $60 gift card. The only catch is that you have to buy the 360 from, and not one of their third-party merchants. It'll get emailed to you by Sept. 30 with the info about…

Pioneer Elite SC-07 and SC-05 Flagship Receivers (Plus the VSX-03TXH and VSX-01TXH)

Pioneer's got new Elite 7.1 receivers, the high end SC-07 and SC-05, and the lesser VSX-03TXH and VSX-01TXH. The SC-07 has a Burr Brown Sampling Rate Converter (SRC) to upscale audio to 192 kHz 24-bit res, and dual HDMI outputs for multiroom output. The SC-07 and SC-05 also work with Pioneer's new Blu-ray player to… »5/07/08 9:00am5/07/08 9:00am

HP Updates Slimline Desktop With Dual Blu-ray/HD Player, Offers New Monitors

HP is also dropping a pair of updated desktops and monitors for CES. First up, the HP Pavilion Slimline s3330f is a media-oriented machine, now with a sweet Dual Format Blu-Ray and HD-DVD player, plus a TV tuner and GeForce 8500 vid card with an HDMI port to connect to an HDTV. It comes in at under a grand, which is… »1/03/08 12:01am1/03/08 12:01am

Spyder3 Calibrates Your Monitor, Probably Lobotomizes You at Night

Aimed at creative professionals, Datacolour's Spyder3 color calibration system may give you sci-fi shivers when you see it parked on your desk. Incorporating a larger aperture than previous models, the Spyder3 uses an ambient light sensor to improve its accuracy, and its monitor sensor takes just seven minutes to… »12/21/07 5:56am12/21/07 5:56am

Best Plasma Ever vs. Best LCD Ever (Verdict: Plasma Wins)

Sound and Vision took took the best Plasma TV they could find (Pioneer Elite PRO-110FD Kuro) and the best LCD TV they could find (Samsung LN-T5281F), and threw them against each other in a carefully calibrated match. The winner, which we've actually seen before as the best flat panel ever, was the Pioneer Elite. Not… »12/20/07 7:30pm12/20/07 7:30pm