This Is the Bigoted, Racist, Anti-Abortion Search Engine That Powers…

I'm sure Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos doesn't know about this, but he's funding a seemingly Christian extremist search engine that is anti-abortion, anti-evolution, racist and even thinks that rape may be justifiable. It's called ChaCha, and it powers Android's most popular Siri competitor, Iris. » 2/08/12 8:51am 2/08/12 8:51am

Remainders - The Good, Bad and Ugly Stories We Didn't Post (and Why)

In today's forgotten corner of Gizmodo that is Remainders, we've got OK Go's new tech-courting music video, ever more info on the Apple-Lala acquisition, a super (Mario) cross-stitch project, and Ellen Degeneres's gadgety Christmas giveaway. Buckle up, you guys. » 12/05/09 12:30am 12/05/09 12:30am