Elmo Live Video Review (Verdict: Buy If You Love Your Children)

Yesterday marked the arrival of Elmo Live, the rapping, dancing and storytelling animatronic doll »10/14/08 7:00am10/14/08 7:00am that'll be burning up retail this holiday season, Great Depression or not. We got one of the little guys, and thoroughly evaluated his MC skills, jokes and hugging ability. He's a fun little dude, at least for a short…

Elmo Live Available for Pre-Order, $60 If You Love Your Children

Elmo Live, the rapping, dancing, storytelling furball is now up for pre-order from all of the major online retailers. It doesn't ship until October 14th, but you should get one before they are impossible to find and your kids hate you forever. The cuddly robot is on sale for $60 at Wal-Mart, Toys-R-Us (limit 5) and … »8/11/08 9:15am8/11/08 9:15am

Elmo Doll Wants To Kill Child, We Still Want To Kill Elmo

This 2-year-old boy loves his Elmo, but the feeling isn't mutual. After replacing the batteries of his PC-syncing Elmo Knows Your Name toy, it awoke with a new vocabulary: the phrase, "Kill James?" So what was the child's reaction? He repeats it, getting an enviable early start on his life of self-loathing awaiting… »2/23/08 12:08pm2/23/08 12:08pm

First Video of Elmo Live Singing and Dancing Shows He Got Skillz

Holy crap, I want this Elmo, and I don't even like Sesame Street. It makes Pleo look like a dumb hunk of plastic. The ways it moves and interacts is incredible—it tells stories, sings songs, dances and is simply the most expressive toy we've ever seen. It even yells out "Jazz Hands!" when he finish performing his… »2/14/08 11:10am2/14/08 11:10am

Franken-Elmo: Man in Virgina Turns Tickle Me Elmo Guitar Into Working Guitar Hero Controller

With Guitar Hero II in stores today—the faithful have called in sick and are already shredding, no doubt—we found a man who clearly puts the Hero in Guitar Hero. Mike Smith spent a series of nights transforming his 2 year old's Tickle Me Elmo guitar into a fully functioning Guitar Hero controller. This was no simple… »11/07/06 1:36pm11/07/06 1:36pm

Tickle Me Elmo Xtreme Edition: Cybernetically Enhanced Giggles

Elmo was 10. That's like 90 muppet years. His sensors were failing. He ran through batteries four times a day. His once hearty laugh was little more than a half-hearted chuckle. Fisher Price had the technology. So after 18 months of advanced surgery and rehabilitation, they cybernetically retooled Elmo into the most… »9/20/06 10:03am9/20/06 10:03am