Canon PowerShot SD4000 IS Review: No More Noisy Nights

The Canon PowerShot SD4000, the company's first compact with a back-lit CMOS sensor, achieves an elusive point-and-shoot camera feat: crisp, clean nighttime photography. And it's not even that expensive. » 6/01/10 3:39pm 6/01/10 3:39pm

Canon PowerShot SD430 Wireless Reviewed (Verdict: Solid)

If Canon's EOS 30D Digital SLR is way too much camera for your purposes but you'd still like one that lets you transmit photos over WiFi, perhaps you should consider the latest addition to their ELPH/IXUS line, the Canon PowerShot SD430 Wireless. Some quick specs: 5.0 MP, 3x optical zoom lens, two inch LCD, weighs… » 3/06/06 6:56pm 3/06/06 6:56pm