This Bluegrass Cover of Elton John's 'Rocketman' Is Finger-Pickin' Good

In the Smoky Mountains, where I grew up, bluegrass is a way of life. Every Friday night, about a mile from my house, an abandoned old schoolhouse becomes one big jam session, and sometimes, when the weather is nice, it moves outside under the stars with the moonlight casting shadows onto the red Tennessee dirt. »2/03/14 8:00pm2/03/14 8:00pm


Rocketpen: One Small Step for Pens, a Giant Leap for Fun in Accounts

So there's Elton John, sitting in his office, all Writer's Block-ed out, and flipping his Bic biro in despair. He liked the way it moved, "Like a rocket," he thought. "I know, I'll write a song about it and call it Rocket Pen". It was only the return of Bernie Taupin from the kitchen, where he had been making the… »3/06/07 7:12am3/06/07 7:12am