All-Singing All-Dancing Skinned WowWee Elvis Video

You remember last Friday's Elvis robot from WowWee Alive? You remember how our unboxing got extra creepy when we decided to see what was under the skin of the replicant King? If you didn't think it could get any weirder, watch our video, in which the faceless Elvis robot sings, wiggles and banters with unseen lovely… » 7/23/07 2:20pm 7/23/07 2:20pm

WowWee Alive Elvis Robot Unboxed... and Skinned

There was no need to perform a Voight-Kampff test on this skin job. It came from the folks who introduced the world to the Robosapien—and besides, it had infrared vision sensors and no arms or legs. Since we showed you the first glimpse of robot Elvis at CES, we realized that now that it's out, the only direction to… » 7/20/07 8:18pm 7/20/07 8:18pm