Air Traffic Controllers Go From Napping to Movie Watching

The Federal Aviation Administration, the country's top federal agency for documenting instances of unauthorized nappy time, has yet another embarrassing incident on its hands. This time, the air traffic controller wasn't asleep—he was just watching a terrible Samuel L. Jackson movie. (But not the one about the snakes… » 4/19/11 10:20am 4/19/11 10:20am

Folding Massage Chair Makes It Easy to Hide Your Embarassing Folding…

Hammacher Schlemmer, purveyors of expensive, goofy gadgets, are now peddling the Foldaway Massage Chair, a shapeshifting piece of furniture that will keep your muscles relaxed, your apartment uncluttered, and your buyers remorse so potent you can almost taste it. » 2/27/10 1:26pm 2/27/10 1:26pm

Tron Guy Forced to Sell Plane on eBay Due to Crap Economy

You know Tron Guy, that chubby embarrassment in a Lycra suit? Apparently, he was making enough scratch to own a plane that matched his outfit. Sadly, the economy has made his lifestyle a little less sustainable, so he's selling it. » 6/22/09 7:40pm 6/22/09 7:40pm