This Titanium Watch Can Tell You When It's Losing Accuracy

To watch collectors and aficionados, mechanical movements are particularly desirable since they best represent the fine craftsmanship and precise engineering that has gone into watch and clock making for centuries. But ironically, even with today's technology, mechanical movements don't keep perfect time. They gain… »8/28/13 1:20pm8/28/13 1:20pm

Apple and RIM Have Bought Nortel's 4G, LTE and Wireless Patents

After a furious bidding process that saw Google and Intel's hopes crushed, Apple, RIM, Microsoft, Sony, EMC and Ericsson scooped up Nortel's patents for $4.5 billion. The 6,000 patents span wireless, data networking, 4G and internet, and while we don't know what the bevy of tech companies plan on doing with them, it's… »7/01/11 3:50am7/01/11 3:50am

StorCenter ix2: Iomega's Surprisingly Cheap EMC Home Server

EMC bought Iomega so that it could start easing its business-grade storage gear into homes and small offices, and the StorCenter ix2 is the first official combo of Iomega brand and EMC juice. Before I get into its LifeLine Linux environment, I wanted to point out that this thing is priced to move: A full two-disk 1TB… »10/15/08 12:01am10/15/08 12:01am

Iomega Puts Windows Home Server on Hold; Is the Platform Doomed?

We just heard that Iomega was icing its plan to release HomeCenter, a Windows Home Server product like the ones currently available from HP. The company stresses that this decision has "nothing to do with the bug" that's been corrupting data saved directly to WHS systems from certain applications. Instead, Iomega felt… »3/18/08 1:45pm3/18/08 1:45pm