Brando Emergency Charger Lights Your Way To Extra Power

This pocket-sized mobile charger from Brando not only juices the most common mobile devices on the market—including all iPhone and iPods, any cellphone by a major company, and handheld gaming consoles—it also acts as an emergency torch if you suddenly find yourself in the dark. The light will last about 5 hours and… » 11/04/08 3:00am 11/04/08 3:00am

Ballpoint Pen Doubles as an Emergency Cellphone Charger

Brando is known for quirky and offbeat gadgets » 9/05/08 3:15pm 9/05/08 3:15pm, but they deliver their fair share of as well. Case in point, this ballpoint pen that can also be used as an emergency cellphone charger. According to the description, it averages a 100 minute charge time, 20 hour standby time and 2 hours of talk time on one AA battery.…

Juicebar: A Super-Thin Disposable Cellphone Charger

The British company behind the Juicebar are billing it as "the world's slimmest emergency phone charger." The device looks about as big as a cardboard coaster, but apparently it is capable of powering up a phone for up to 480 minutes of standby, or around 60 minutes of talk time depending on the device. Full charge is… » 7/08/08 5:20pm 7/08/08 5:20pm