The New Moonshots: These Are The Most Futuristic Ideas From Google I/O

The most futuristic projects at Google come out of its advanced technologies and projects group, or ATAP. And today at Google I/O, the ATAP team unveiled their vision of tomorrow, where your body, behavior and clothing will be the new interfaces that control your gadgets — and keep them secure, too. »5/29/15 5:15pm5/29/15 5:15pm


Smithsonian Museum Forum About Tech Innovation -- Live Right Now!

Today at 10:30 eastern, watch this livestream of a fascinating discussion at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History called “Innovation Echo: Tomorrow’s Brightest Days.” A panel of experts will be talking about how we can encourage more tech innovation in America, using education and community organizing. »5/13/15 10:30am5/13/15 10:30am