Watch Emily the Robotic Lifeguard in Action in Malibu

Click to viewWhen we first saw Emily, the remote control robotic lifeguard, we were treated only to a single glamour shot. Now she's patrolling the Malibu shores, and she looks great. But does she stand up to David Hasselhoff and Pam Anderson? » 10/26/10 9:20am 10/26/10 9:20am

Emily Isn't Real, But Would You Have Guessed?

The woman above is not real. I mean, she was real once, when real actress Emily O'Brien provided Image Metrics (you know their work from GTAIV) with 35 facial poses in front of a pair of digital cameras. From there, O'Brien was dismissed so the animators could go to work. Apparently "ninety per cent of the work is… » 8/20/08 9:45am 8/20/08 9:45am