Photos Emerge of Emirates A380 Showers: Tiny, But Luxurious

See that happy-looking lady in the pic? She's standing in an Emirates A380 in-flight shower room, details of which have emerged after we first alerted you to this airborne luxury. The "shower spas" are pretty decently kitted-out, and the aircraft carries an extra 1,100-pounds of water to allow every one of the 14… » 7/30/08 7:44am 7/30/08 7:44am

Emirates the First Airline to Allow Inflight Calls from Passenger…

Dubai-based airline Emirates has claimed the first ever permitted mobile phone call from a commercial flight. The conversations took place aboard a Casablanca-bound Airbus A340 that had been kitted out with a system that stops cellphones from messing with the plane's electronics. By the end of the year its passengers… » 3/21/08 6:32am 3/21/08 6:32am