Tailcam Video Shows Awesome Plane's-Eye-View of A380 in Flight

Click to view »8/06/08 10:00am8/06/08 10:00amThis video is a feed from the Tailcam in an as the aircraft takes-off. The cam feed can be shown on the seat-back displays and gives you an almost Superman-like view of the aircraft from 79-feet up at the top of the tail. It's pretty amazing watching the behemoth aircraft surge slowly down the runway and…

Biggest Airplane Model in the World Eaten by Biggest Cargo Aircraft

This is an Airbus A380 »8/06/08 8:00am8/06/08 8:00am-the largest passenger aircraft in the world-eaten alive by an Antonov AN-124-the largest mass-produced cargo airplane in the world (which I at Dubai's airport). Before you exclaim "Photoshop!", this a real photo by . However, it's a real A380: it's a 1/3 scale model, which makes it the…

Emirates the First Airline to Allow Inflight Calls from Passenger Cellphones

Dubai-based airline Emirates has claimed the first ever permitted mobile phone call from a commercial flight. The conversations took place aboard a Casablanca-bound Airbus A340 that had been kitted out with a system that stops cellphones from messing with the plane's electronics. By the end of the year its passengers… »3/21/08 6:32am3/21/08 6:32am