Emoji Passwords are Coming: Harder to Hack and Easier to Remember

A UK company claims to have invented the idea of using a set of emoji to replace a PIN number, suggesting that our stupid brains find it easier to remember the silly drawing people face things — and that the increased complexity of the emoji character set makes brute-forcing into our bank accounts substantially harder. »6/15/15 7:30am6/15/15 7:30am

You're About to Have More Options Than "White Emoji" and "Racist Emoji"

Racial diversity amongst our emoji has been an issue for a while, especially now that more and more of our teens are regressing into a pictogram-only lifestyle (because words are dead). Thankfully, it sounds like the Unicode Consortium has heard our cries—diverse emojis are coming. And not the racist kind. »11/04/14 9:11am11/04/14 9:11am