Fun video shows the real life versions of all the emojis

Something we can all agree on: emojis are endless amounts of fun. I mean, when you emoji-fy something in real life—like an eggplant, for example—the emoji suddenly carries so much more meaning than the original object ever did. It’s a whole new language. Even more fun, is pairing the emoji with its real life… »9/24/15 6:20pm9/24/15 6:20pm

How Star Wars' Heart-Cloggingly Cute Emojis Took Over The Internet

These days, emojis are as essential to online interactions as an alphabet. So once Star Wars finally entered that world with its own app, it became essential to get in on the craze. Enter Truck Torrence, an artist hired to make the cutest versions you’ve ever seen of a galaxy far far away.
»8/10/15 4:46pm8/10/15 4:46pm

12 Emoji That You're Probably Using Wrong

New York's cover story this week proclaims, "Smile, You're Speaking Emoji." But are you? Do you understand the difference between the tongue-out emoji and the winking tongue-out emoji? Today's children communicate almost exclusively in these little smileys, and soon the weak emoji-illiterates in our society will be… »11/17/14 12:51pm11/17/14 12:51pm

Emojify for iOS: Turn Your Face Into a Piece of Emoji Art

Look at the text message conversation between any two people in the 12 to late 20s age range and there's a pretty decent chance you'll get a deluge of brightly colored cartoon icons that, just a few years ago, would have seemed entirely nonsensical. Now they can tell entire tales. Yes, Emojis have taken over, and… »8/22/13 6:00pm8/22/13 6:00pm

Aziz Ansari Hilariously Remixes a Jay-Z and Kanye West Song with Emojis

Jay-Z and Kanye West's N*ggas in Paris is an epically hard, head bumping anthem that's ruled rap for the better part of the year. Aziz Ansari and Matthew Shawver just one upped it by translating it into a hilarious rendition filled with emojis from their iPhones. This is the best thing to happen to music all year. »12/09/11 5:20pm12/09/11 5:20pm