Replacing the Faces of Iconic Celebrities with Emoticons Is Stupid Fun

Emoticons are inherently silly. They're text based facial expressions that don't always make sense. Anytime a $ or # gets inserted to an emoticon, no one has any idea what the hell is going on anymore. But! When emoticons capture a feeling perfectly, they're beyond brilliant. A string of words can't even express life… » 9/25/13 10:19pm 9/25/13 10:19pm

The First Emoticons Were Used in 1881

=) -_- T_T =P ;) Oh, the emoticon. Depending on who you're talking to (or I guess texting to? messaging to?) at the moment, emoticons can be as common as some words. When did they first start showing up? Did people write letters with smileys and frowny faces? Were typewriters used to express emotion through symbols?… » 7/16/13 8:30pm 7/16/13 8:30pm

Quite Possibly the Most Fun Use of Emoji

Emojis are almost always fun. I mean, does it get better than throwing up hilarious characters like a hammering toilet with winged money to friends or changing Jay-Z and Kanye West lyrics to Emoji so hard? Didn't think so. But what about those shape emojis? THOSE are useless. Until now. » 10/06/12 2:00am 10/06/12 2:00am

Emoticon Rings Put Your Feelings on Your Fingers

Chao & Eero Jewel from Finland made these hilarious emoticon rings that show happy faces, smiling eyes and other forms of emoticons in ring form. Nothing like expressing your feelings right on your sleeve, er, finger these days, right? Though I do wish I could get a stone face or cry face ring for those darker days… » 4/23/11 7:00pm 4/23/11 7:00pm

Squeeze Emoticon Stress Balls, Get Happy Ending

In theory, anti-stress balls help you when you are a bit :-| or XO, because squeezing them helps you release some inner anger and make you bit more :-D. Whatever. I hate these things. » 12/03/08 3:00pm 12/03/08 3:00pm

Bajca Emoticon Keyboard Doesn't Come With a Hammer, Sadly

I see this dumbtastic egg-case-style Bajca emoticon keyboard and the only thing I wish is that somebody actually brings it to market, sends it to me to test, and then I get a hammer to smash all those stupid emoticons like it was a Whac-a-Mole game. Maybe it's just me and you will love its design—which admittedly is… » 11/19/08 9:45am 11/19/08 9:45am

Emotion Mask Brings Kekekekeke To Life

This "Mask of Emotion" was made at the Hongik University in Korea, which explains why their emoticons are very Asian, as opposed to the more :'( style us westerners use. It's supposed to be hide your personal emotion while displaying whatever one you choose, which is limited to happy, kinda happy, very happy, sad,… » 6/06/08 5:30pm 6/06/08 5:30pm