Winning Brainball Requires Years of Destroying Your Mind with Booze

This is Jeff. He's losing to me at Brainball »9/26/08 1:20pm9/26/08 1:20pm, which is on display at Wired's NextFest. It's sort of like soccer if numbing your mind could score a goal. I asked the creator, why not reward the player who can think the hardest? He responded, "because the best games are the ones that you don't think to play." And it…

Project Epoc Lets You Control Video Games with Your Noggin'

Step aside Nintendo, Emotiv's got dibs on the ultimate game controller right here with their Project Epoc. It's basically a headset fitted with a bunch of sensors that "read" your mind and let you control video games (be it from your console or PC) via your thoughts. Did I mention it can do this wirelessly? Though it… »3/01/07 2:51pm3/01/07 2:51pm