Reality Mining MIT Tech Singles Out 'That Guy' in Office Meetings

Every office has a pompous windbag or ten that monopolizes meeting time with their constant interruptions. And while making fun of those idiots after the fact is a staple of office life, the sad truth is that thousands of hours are lost to these interruptions, and efficiency suffers because of them. Lucky for office… »10/26/08 2:00pm10/26/08 2:00pm

Robots of the Future Will Show Empathy, Be Good Listeners

European researchers are developing a software that will give robots the power to learn when a person is sad, happy or angry. The Feelix Growing project is putting together simple robots that can detect different parameters-facial expressions, voice and proximity-to determine emotional states. The aim of the project… »7/19/08 3:45pm7/19/08 3:45pm