Ford Built A Mustang On Top Of The Empire State Building Last Night

It's been 50 years since Ford built the world-renowned 1965 Mustang and placed it high above Manhattan on the 86th floor of the Empire State Building. Last night, Ford came back with a bigger, yellower, all around more complicated car from 2015 and decided to recreate the famous stunt as a 50-year homage—only this… »4/16/14 9:20am4/16/14 9:20am

The Empire State Building Was Struck by Lightning Three Times Last Night

Anyone who lives in New York—or just follows New Yorkers on Twitter—knows there was lots of thunder and lightning last night. For all of you who didn't see it, here's the Empire State Building, that indefatigable symbol of the Big Apple, getting shot with electricity three times during the storm. They say lightning… »4/14/11 5:20am4/14/11 5:20am