Google's Very First Employee Is Leaving

It's the end of an era: Google's very first hired employee is leaving the search giant. Craig Silverstein — the first Google employee, Page and Sergey Brin aside — is heading off to the new online learning concept, the Khan Academy. Before you ask: no, it's not acrimonious. " I am as passionate about Google's mission… » 2/10/12 3:39am 2/10/12 3:39am

Verizon Tech Busted for Using Customer Lines to Make $220K in Sex Calls

Add Joseph Vaccarelli, of Nutley, NJ to the long list of employees busted for engaging in sex-related activities » 9/10/08 6:20pm 9/10/08 6:20pm on the job. A former Verizon technician, Vaccarelli stands accused of making $220,000 in sex calls using the landlines of some 950 customers. The math works out like this: 900 chat lines, 5,000 calls and a…

Exmocare BT2 Allows Your Employers To Monitor Your Emotions, Arousal Level

Exmocare's released emotion-monitoring watches before, but this BT2 model seems to be directed at the service industry, meaning that bosses can use these wristbands to monitor their employee's emotional states. The control panel (screenshot after the jump) displays a summary of each person's heart rate, location, body… » 3/15/08 5:00pm 3/15/08 5:00pm