EmTrace's PS100 Photoskin Frames Fit In Your Wallet

Of course they fit in your wallet, they're probably vaporous non-ships like the Emtrace's last project, the Widgetstation. Looks like this digital photo frame, 5mm thick, and 9 by 7 cm wide and high, is what the station vaporized into. There's a dock that syncs data for stocks and other info via PC. The Linux-powered… » 12/26/07 2:10am 12/26/07 2:10am

WidgetStation Alarm Clock Suits Your Swanky Bachelor Pad

Considering I'm not a morning person, it takes a lot for an alarm clock to impress me. But ever since laying eyes on emTrace's WidgetStation, I've
been curious to check one out. The folks at T3 bring us this video of a WidgetStation in action and from the looks of it, we like what we see. The WidgetStation itself… » 1/16/07 7:13pm 1/16/07 7:13pm

emTrace WidgetStation Provides Desktop-Free Widgets

This device is the winner of a CES Innovation Award, which might be bullshit. The WidgetStation takes the desktop out of desktop widgets. It is essentially an LCD display with touch-sensitive buttons, USB connectivity, memory and Ethernet connectivity. It will actively display the widget of your choosing. And with the… » 11/16/06 9:47am 11/16/06 9:47am