All I Need Is This Android Wear N64 Emulator and Ocarina of Time On My Wrist

The Nintendo 64 might not have had the massive library of games like the PlayStation did, but it made up for it with quality over quantity. Do you ever really need anything more than GoldenEye and Ocarina of Time? No. And with this N64 emulator on your smartwatch, those games will always be in easy reach. »10/30/15 10:02am10/30/15 10:02am


The Nostalgia Nerds Who Rescue Old Games From Oblivion

Do you remember the first computer game you played? What about the first program you downloaded? Unless you've just emerged Brendan-Fraser-in-Encino Man-style from the earth, wholly unaware of computers (in which case, I have several questions for you), your early digital distractions are probably years, if not… »11/21/14 10:45am11/21/14 10:45am

Smartwatches Fulfill Their True Destiny With a Game Boy Emulator

Google and Apple can pitch them as productivity tools all they want, but the real reason anyone would strap a smartwatch to their wrist is as a more covert way to kill time and avoid boredom. So it's good to know that when your Twitter and Facebook feeds run dry, you can always boot up a Game Boy emulator on your… »10/14/14 8:50am10/14/14 8:50am

Take a Peek Inside the Windows Phone 7 Series Emulator

The Windows Phone 7 emulator has already yielded a few treasures—perhaps treasures isn't the right word?—so maybe you're hankering to take a look around yourself. If you're so inclined, Engadget has a nice walk-through of how to get the emulator up and running. If that seems like like too much work, there's a 10… »3/20/10 6:50pm3/20/10 6:50pm