Sonos Improves Wi-Fi With ZonePlayer ZP90 and Small Self-Powered ZP120 Audio Streamers

Sonos upgraded their ZonePlayer lineup to the ZP 90 and the ZP 120. The ZP 90, which connects to existing home theater amplifiers, is essentially the same as the ZP 80, but now features SonosNet 2.0, which combines MIMO antennas with Sonos' existing mesh network. The ZP120, Sonos' main amplified unit, also includes… »8/05/08 1:46am8/05/08 1:46am

AT&T & eMusic Open Over-the-Air Music Store: No DRM, No iPhone Support

Rumors of an impending AT&T/eMusic tag team for an over-the-air music store were true: The eMusic Mobile store will be stocked with 2.7 million songs in delicious DRM-free MP3. Better yet, not only do tracks download directly to your phone, a second copy is sent straight to your computer. Not so delicious: »7/31/07 10:30am7/31/07 10:30am

Alltel Teams With Frog Design and eMusic, Launching Jump Music

Today, Alltel, the littlest big carrier, launches Jump Music, software that's iTunes-like in its dual nature as music manager and storefront. The announcement might seem like a non-event to most Giz readers—how many Alltel customers are even out there in the Giz nation? But you may want to start paying attention to… »5/11/07 1:01am5/11/07 1:01am