LG enV2 Hands On and Sizemodo With Its Fattie Older Brother

Whatever diet LG put the enV to whip it into the enV2 is fan-freakin-tastical. It's significantly slimmer, sharper and lighter. What's sweet about the midget dust magic is that it isn't smaller and sexed up just to be smaller, it actually feels much better in your hand than the blubbery original. But the keys are a… »4/01/08 5:46pm4/01/08 5:46pm

Sprint LG Rumor Messaging Phone No Longer Just a Rumor

Sprint clearly didn't want Verizon enV users to have all the messaging fun: the LG Rumor looks about the same size as the latter-day enV, with a slideout QWERTY keypad. Features include 1.3 megapixel camera, (new?) Sprint POP3 e-mail client, Bluetooth, a MicroSD card slot and GPS with Sprint Navigation. The catch, if… »10/11/07 9:00am10/11/07 9:00am