Hanging Enclosure Concept Piggybacks a Hard Drive on Your Laptop Lid

As tiny 1.8" hard drives continue to get larger in capacity » 10/03/08 9:20am 10/03/08 9:20am and , this design concept for hanging one from the back of your laptop display seems like the way to go—it's using a 2.5" drive, but a 1.8" would really be better. I've got a 3G card that hangs like this already, but piggybacking an external drive would be…

Adapter Uses Six SDHC Cards For Voltron-Like DIY SSD Drive

We've seen them for CF cards-now, there's an SSD enclosure that will take up to six of the SDHC cards you have lying around and tie them into a single 2.5-inch SATA SSD. While it won't match speeds of dedicated SSDs (especially if the cards you're using aren't near the high end), the boys at Impress managed 111.4 MB/s… » 8/11/08 9:00am 8/11/08 9:00am

Lian Li Cranks Out Super Hot Armorsuit PC Case

We just checked in with the guys at Lian Li, and we managed to peek a look at their hot new PC cases. The best of the bunch is the Armorsuit enclosure, shown in the image above. It's smoking. The case has a solid aluminum construction (with plastic side windows), nine 5.25-inch device bays (including two 3.5" x 3 HDD… » 1/07/08 9:50pm 1/07/08 9:50pm

Media Tank Holds Your HDD, Optical Drive, Card Reader

This Media Tank holds an optical drive and a hard drive and has a built-in card reader for a whole slew of different memory card formats. It seems to be a great home base for people with ultra-portable laptops, letting them keep all their high-storage, media-burning capabilities on their desk for when they aren't out… » 2/15/07 10:36am 2/15/07 10:36am