Samsung SC-MX20 Is YouTube, PMP Friendly With H.264 Shooting

Samsung's SC-MX20 follows up the MX10 with some fairly useful features such as h.264 video mode for better YouTube, iPod, iPhone and PMP compatibility, as well as a max 720x480 resolution for DVD-quality video. It stores up to 16 hours on one 32GB SDHC card, has three hours of battery life (best-in-class they claim?),… » 7/09/08 2:45pm 7/09/08 2:45pm

Elgato's Turbo 264 USB Stick Encodes H.264 for Your iPod, iPhone and…

Following up on the rumor that Apple was going to add an H.264 hardware encoding/decoding chip into all upcoming Macs, Elgato has released an H.264 USB stick that does just that. What does this mean to you? Well, a USB stick would be second best to an internal chip (like was speculated before) but the effect is the… » 4/02/07 8:40pm 4/02/07 8:40pm

Apple to Add H.264 Hardware Decoding to All Machines?

Bob Cringely of PBS fame has it on good "rumor" authority that Apple's planning to add H.264 hardware support to all of its machines. As in the iMac, the MacBook, the MacBook Pro, the Mac Pro, and even the Mac Mini. Why is this important? Because a $50 hardware chip (that's how much it costs Apple) will be able to… » 3/09/07 4:15pm 3/09/07 4:15pm