U-Boats, Spies, and White Magic: The Invention of Wireless Cryptography

The wireless telegraph station in Sayville, New York was one of the most powerful in the world. Constructed by the German company Telefunken in 1912, it served as a transatlantic relay point for diplomatic messages and business communications. It was a beacon among amateur wireless enthusiasts around the United… » 7/11/14 3:43pm 7/11/14 3:43pm

How Heartbleed Works: The Code Behind the Internet's Security Nightmare

By now you've surely heard of Heartbleed, the hole in the internet's security that exposed countless encrypted transactions to any attacker who knew how to abuse it. But how did it actually work? Once you break it down, it's actually incredibly simple. And a little hilarious. But mostly terrifying. » 4/09/14 2:59pm 4/09/14 2:59pm

Heartbleed: Why the Internet's Gaping Security Hole Is So Scary

In the past 15 or so years, we've all learned to feel pretty safe on the internet. BigSite.com is surely handling your credit card information safely, at least as safely as any brick and mortar store. Maybe don't be so sure; there's been a bug lurking in one of the internet's most important security measures for… » 4/08/14 1:08pm 4/08/14 1:08pm

HSTS: The Security That All Websites Should Be Using

You would think that by now the Internet would have grown up enough that things like online banking, email, or government websites would rely on thoroughly engineered security to make sure your data isn't intercepted by attackers. Unfortunately when it comes to the vast majority of websites on the Internet, that… » 4/07/14 6:00am 4/07/14 6:00am

Yahoo Is Finally Encrypting the Bulk of Its Data

We were thrilled to hear today that Yahoo is carrying through a concerted effort to protect users across its sites and services by rolling out routine encryption in several parts of its infrastructure. The company's statement announced that, among other things, it now encrypts traffic between its data centers, makes… » 4/03/14 4:27am 4/03/14 4:27am

Sneaky "Honey Encryption" Stops Hackers By Drowning Them in Phony Data

It seems like no matter how much companies may try to up their defenses, there will always be some industrious young hacker who manages to evade every roadblock in his way. One team of researchers, though, think they may have finally found a way to turn their defense into an attack on the hackers themselves—by spewing… » 1/29/14 3:20pm 1/29/14 3:20pm

The NSA Can Decode Private, Encrypted Cellphone Conversations

The Washington Post is reporting that, according to a newly released internal document, the National Security Agency isn't just swiping location data from our cell phones; they actually have the ability to decode private, encrypted data, putting all our texts and calls right at their disposal. » 12/13/13 6:12pm 12/13/13 6:12pm

Which Companies Are Encrypting Your Data Properly?

We've asked the companies in our Who Has Your Back Program what they are doing to bolster encryption in light of the NSA's unlawful surveillance of your communications. We're pleased to see that four companies—Dropbox, Google, SpiderOak and Sonic.net—are implementing five out of five of our best practices for… » 11/20/13 5:15am 11/20/13 5:15am