This Is the Exact Date When Our Computer World Ends

The world didn't end last Friday just like the world didn't end in the year 2000, with failing computers deleting bank accounts and crashing airplanes. That doesn't mean the world isn't going to end. It will. And if we keep our current operating systems, this is the exact date when all goes poof: 15:30:08 UTC on… » 12/27/12 10:12am 12/27/12 10:12am

The Complete Video Guide to the 2012 End of the World Imbecility

NASA has already spent some time explaining why all the 2012 End of the World theories are as stupid as those who postulate them. This video is not by NASA, but it summarizes things perfectly. » 1/04/12 4:44am 1/04/12 4:44am

End of the World Dated Again: 2012

No, the end won't happen because of the LHC. And it won't be a doomsday asteroid either. The answer: Sheep. At least one of them. The date: 2012. Hilarious. [Pasion Paris via Drawn via io9] » 1/25/09 7:30pm 1/25/09 7:30pm

Reminder: World Ends Tomorrow, Have Sex, Don't Do Your Homework —…

Hookay. So, you all know the Large Hadron Collider by now, the oh-so-pretty particle accelerator thingamajig that will implode taking the whole planet with it. Yeah, that one. Well, it is now T minus 24 hours from ignition. The end of the world, people. In fact, you have less than 24 hours to do everything you wanted… » 8/08/08 5:42am 8/08/08 5:42am

Daylight Saving Failures: World Over?

With Daylight Saving time moved up a few weeks, there were rumors of a Y2Kx2-like end of the world scenario. I woke up this morning (forgetting that I got started an hour late), and while it seems like everything in the world is normal at first glance, I'm fairly certain that we are all suffering from post-blast… » 3/11/07 12:13pm 3/11/07 12:13pm