The High Tech Movie Magic Behind Ender's Game's Zero-G Battle Room

The on-screen adaptation of Ender's Game is already filled with enough gorgeous cinematography to get space nuts drooling, but no scene hits that space envy button quite as hard Ender's Zero-G stint in the battle school war room. Design FX for Wired talked to the film's graphic team to see what it took to make those… »11/04/13 5:59pm

The Space Battles in Ender's Game Will Make Your Eyeballs Explode

Yesterday afternoon we saw a new trailer for Ender's Game, during a panel at Comic-Con, and it showcased some seriously epic war scenes. Director Gavin Hood, with stars Harrison Ford and Asa Butterfield, discussed this long-awaited movie about a boy bred to lead Earth's forces against a mysterious alien enemy. »7/19/13 11:00am