An 8K Endoscope Probably Shows More Than Anyone Really Wants To See

8K television broadcasts are slowly creeping towards becoming a reality, but 8K video technology is already being embraced and used in other industries. A group called the Medical Imaging Consortium—or MIC for short—has revealed that back in December they used a new 8K endoscope in an experimental surgery where they… »1/28/14 10:50am1/28/14 10:50am

This Hair's-Width Endoscope Will Revolutionize Micro-Surgery

Your chances of being split open sternum to sphincter for a medical procedure are quickly declining (whew) thanks to the advent of endoscopic surgery and robotic surgical platforms like the DaVinci, though even these revolutionary procedures have their limitations. But thanks to a team of Stanford researchers, size is… »3/15/13 1:20pm3/15/13 1:20pm