Start (Or Expand) Your Eneloop Collection on the Cheap Today

If anything in your house runs on batteries, you owe it to yourself to buy some Eneloops. They won your recommendation for best rechargeables, and the voting wasn't even close, so whether you're starting your collection, or just adding some spares, we've got some great deals for you today. » 11/06/14 9:46am 11/06/14 9:46am

The Best Rechargeable Batteries

Unsurprisingly, Eneloops dominated the best rechargeable battery voting, taking almost 80% of the vote as of this writing. The Eneloop line has an incredible reputation, and garnered huge numbers of positive anecdotes from our readers. In addition to the winning AAs, Eneloop offers AAAs, chargers, and C and D spacers. » 10/23/14 2:45pm 10/23/14 2:45pm

Sanyo Brings Wireless Eneloop Charging to the Wiimote

It's been a while since we've shown you anything with Sanyo's Eneloop label, but this new product bearing the wireless charging tech will sound like good news for Wiimote users fed up of awkward battery/charging solutions. Sanyo have teamed up with Nintendo to make the Eneloop Wiimote charger: and it's contactless.… » 7/24/08 5:05am 7/24/08 5:05am

Ridiculously Stripped-Down Sanyo Phone Runs On 1 AA Battery

Designed to look like some kind of oversized battery, this crazy phone actually runs on just one small AA. There are some tradeoffs: it's voice only, so no 3G or SMS; also, there's no camera or MP3 player, or even a damn screen to look at. Just those weird little buttons. You get five hours of talktime, then you toss… » 10/24/07 9:43am 10/24/07 9:43am