Energy Star Setting Consumption Guidelines For Game Consoles

It's no secret » 10/15/08 6:20pm 10/15/08 6:20pm that your game console is not going to do much to save you money on your next power bill. However, Energy Star is finally prepared to set guidelines on energy consumption for these devices. In order earn an Energy Star seal of approval, manufacturers will have to use less than one watt during 'off'…

Cost Control Power Strip: See How Power-Thirsty Your Gadgets Are

The Cost Controller power strip lets you hook up eight gizmos, protects them against voltage spikes, and also shows you how much power they're drawing so you can worry about your electricity bill well ahead of time. It actually shows consumption in kilowatt hours along with the frequency and voltage characteristics of… » 4/29/08 6:04am 4/29/08 6:04am