How the American Dream Is Killing the American Electric Bill

In 2012, American homes consumed 3.65 billion kilowatthours (kWh) worth of electricity—up from 720 million kWh in 1950—more than double per household than our British counterparts, and second only to China. How did the American home become such an energy hog, despite so many advances in efficient appliances and… »4/10/14 2:00pm4/10/14 2:00pm

Nokia Smart Home Solution Puts Power of Control Onto Your Cellphone

With energy conservation and easy eco-friendliness on just about everybody's agenda these days, one of the most popular concepts is the “Smart Home,” a living environment that knows just how much power you actually need to be comfortable and gives you not a drop more. Nokia's hopping on that wagon with its new Nokia… »12/02/08 2:30am12/02/08 2:30am

Nuclear Powered Planes Will Not Assure the Destruction of Humankind

Aviation experts in the U.K. are arguing that the industry should push to convert their planes from using fossil fuel to using nuclear energy, an idea that's sure to illicit a visceral “holy crap, god no!” reaction from the get go. But while it's hard to separate the idea from the mental image of flying hydrogen… »10/28/08 10:15pm10/28/08 10:15pm

E-Charkha Wheel Spins Yarn Whilst Generating Energy, Karma

Impoverished Indian families can look into getting the e-charkha, an electricity-generating version of the ubiquitous yarn-making spinning wheel, as a way to increase productivity without a boost in energy costs. The e-charkha, designed by RS Hiremath, generates juice as the charkha spins and diverts it into a free… »10/27/08 11:00pm10/27/08 11:00pm

Free-Piston Engines Are Ultra-Efficient, Could Replace Gas and Diesel

As we move toward battery and hydrogen cell breakthroughs that could wean us off our addiction to oil, here's at least one engine design from yesteryear that ought to be examined a bit more. The free-piston engine, first invented in 1920, is cheap to build and roughly twice as efficient as current gas engines. Unlike… »10/03/08 12:30am10/03/08 12:30am

Scientists Bring Us Closer to Methane-Driven Economy With Powdered Gas

Scientists have found a way to create powdered methane, making it much easier to store the elusive silent-but-deadly gas. By mixing the methane in a blender with water and silica, roughly one liter of the fuel can be stored in about six grams of powder. Though the powder form still needs to be held under light… »9/17/08 3:00am9/17/08 3:00am

Rohm Circuit Kills Vampire Power, Pulls No Electricity On Standby

Japanese semiconductor maker Rohm is looking to vanquish vampire power, the energy wasted by tech on stand-by, with its new LSI circuits. The circuits consume no electricity even when in stand-by mode, allowing for a quick power up without the power drain. Considering that roughly 10% of a house's energy bill goes to… »5/10/08 5:00pm5/10/08 5:00pm