Question of the Day: Have You Made the Switch to CFLs?

Given the focus on "greenness" and energy efficiency these days, you have probably been bombarded with messages about tossing out your old incandescent bulbs for CFLs » 10/09/08 5:00pm 10/09/08 5:00pm. It is definitely an easy way to save a few bucks on your electric bill, but in many cases there can be a trade-off in light quality. This has become…

Saverclip Offers Unique New Way of Measuring Energy Consumption

Pissing away electricity —just about everyone does it. That is why this "Saverclip" concept from designer Lee Young Don could prove useful to anyone looking to save a few bucks on their electricity bill. The clothespin-like device latches onto any power cable and determines energy usage by measuring the… » 1/14/08 6:50pm 1/14/08 6:50pm

Lenovo Cranking Out Energy Star 4.0 Qualified Laptops Early

The Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star 4.0 revision hits July 20th, but Lenovo isn't worried about making the cut. Three days before the revision, Lenovo plans to have the T61p, its first Energy Star 4.0 configured machine, out on shelves. The T61p won't skimp on power to save energy, either. It has a suite… » 7/10/07 10:40am 7/10/07 10:40am