A fake gas-powered alarm clock once got Energy Star certification

When an appliance gets Energy Star certification that's supposed to mean that it's environmentally friendly. But what happens when you submit fake products like a gasoline-powered alarm clock or the "air purifier" pictured above? A government audit in 2010 found that both of these ridiculous products were certified as… »11/15/14 9:58pm11/15/14 9:58pm


Energy Star Setting Consumption Guidelines For Game Consoles

It's no secret »10/15/08 6:20pm10/15/08 6:20pm that your game console is not going to do much to save you money on your next power bill. However, Energy Star is finally prepared to set guidelines on energy consumption for these devices. In order earn an Energy Star seal of approval, manufacturers will have to use less than one watt during 'off'…

Your TV Sucks (Power, Even When It's Not Running)

That TV set of yours still sips power even when it's turned off, to the point that phantom power use can add 10% to your electricity bill. In fact, the average US household consumes about 50 watts of standby power per hour. There's a lot of talk about Energy Star ratings for electronic devices, but plasma and LCD TVs… »12/26/07 10:20am12/26/07 10:20am

Lenovo Cranking Out Energy Star 4.0 Qualified Laptops Early

The Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star 4.0 revision hits July 20th, but Lenovo isn't worried about making the cut. Three days before the revision, Lenovo plans to have the T61p, its first Energy Star 4.0 configured machine, out on shelves. The T61p won't skimp on power to save energy, either. It has a suite… »7/10/07 10:40am7/10/07 10:40am