All the Awesome New Action and Clues Inside the Final Batman v Superman Trailer

We got a brand new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer out of nowhere this morning. Shock of shocks, it’s actually made up almost entirely new footage! It’s got Batman throwing down! Superman in the tub! Wonder Woman finally speaking a line! But there’s much, much more—so we’ve examined every single shot to see…


5 Live-Action Star Wars Shows Disney Should Be Making Right Now

Last week, we learned that Disney wasn’t making a live-action Star Wars television series anytime soon. That’s a shame, because if there is one benefit to sweeping away the old Expanded Universe, it’s that there is now so much of the new galaxy to explore, and TV would be a perfect way to do it. Here are five Star Wars


If You Loved The X-Files, You'll Probably Still Like The New X-Files

This Sunday, The X-Files returns for a six-episode miniseries. It’s been eight years since the last movie, and fourteen since the last TV episode. We’ve already watched the first three episodes of the new series, and are here to tell you, with no spoilers, that it’s worth your time. But it may not be worth the wait.