Man in the High Castle's DJ Qualls Thought He'd Be Fired On His First Day on Set

DJ Qualls has had a lot of different acting jobs in his career, and right now he’s doing two science fiction shows at once: Z Nation and Man in the High Castle. In the press room during San Diego Comic-Con, Qualls told us about how he thought he was going to be fired and, more importantly, how brilliant being stupid…


Who Is Grand Admiral Thrawn and Why Is His Appearance in Star Wars Rebels So Exciting?

You may have heard that a character called Grand Admiral Thrawn is going to be appearing in Star Wars Rebels. His appearance in the trailer shown at Star Wars Celebration Europe caused a giant reaction, but if you’re not a Star Wars obsessive, that may have seemed confusing. Here’s a little explanation why fans are…


Hayley Atwell Perfectly Sums Up the Creepiness of Captain America's New Love Interest

If you’ve seen both Captain America: Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War, then you know that the first one sets up a possible relationship between Agent 13 (Emily VanCamp) and Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), and the other just throws that relationship together out of nowhere. Well, Hayley Atwell has weighed in.