Entertainment Cabinet With Ventilation Slots Cools Your Junk Without Fans

Even this Avion 8529 entertainment center with built-in ventilation slots wouldn't have saved Ashcraft's Xbox 360 from red ringing, but it could possibly work for you. It looks like a standard wooden entertainment center from the front, but can still keep adequate air going even with the doors closed thanks to the… »9/14/07 4:45pm9/14/07 4:45pm

Bamboo Entertainment Center Looks Good, is Functional Too

Don't fret, bamboo lovers. There is more bamboo crap out there to sink your teeth in. This is a entertainment center constructed out of bamboo. Not only does it look good, but the way the bamboo is placed together allows better airflow from the hot components that are placed inside. If I was a rich panda bear, I would… »3/15/07 8:15pm3/15/07 8:15pm