Enviga Fat Burning Tea: Snake Oil Scam, Just as You Predicted

Hopefully you didn't get too excited about our recent post about Enviga, the Coca-Cola Company green tea that apparently claims to burn more calories than it contains. Our Consumerist pals are the ones with the whole truth, and they found that the research behind this claim is bogus. Studying the fine print, they… »10/18/06 2:01pm10/18/06 2:01pm


Enviga: Calorie-Burning Tea to Melt Off That Extra Flab?

Coca-Cola and Nestl will roll out Enviga in test markets in the Northeast US next month. The carbonated green tea-based beverage is supposed to be able to actually burn calories. Its blend of green tea extracts is said to boost metabolism, burning 50 to 100 calories per 12-oz serving. That'll cost you, though, about… »10/12/06 10:47am10/12/06 10:47am