Meet the Richest Hypocrite in Silicon Valley

John Doerr is a White House advisor, prominent billionaire, and Silicon Valley household name—at least among yuppie Valley households who care. Six years ago, he famously stepped back and forth across a TED Talk stage cheerleading "green tech," warning of global environmental disaster, and breaking into tears at the… »5/08/13 3:27pm5/08/13 3:27pm


The Drastic Plan to Save the Spotted Owl By Massacring Other Owls and Trees

As efforts to save the spotted owl seem to be failing, the government is getting ready to try some experimental forestry to keep the species alive. Apparently the scientific approach is to hunt down the owl's competition and let the loggers in. In other words: There are some hard times ahead for the barred owl. »3/02/12 12:44pm3/02/12 12:44pm

Suicidal, Coca-Cola-Drinking Robot Makes Social Justice Statement, Nobody Cares

One of those America-hating, hippie organizations going by the name of SWAMP (Studies of Work Atmosphere and Mass Production) created a robot called Coke Is It that is programmed to kill itself. Good message to send to the kids out there, SWAMP. The robot is programmed to find puddles of Coca-Cola (you know, the… »10/18/06 10:07am10/18/06 10:07am